Our faith is one that celebrates living honestly and wholly in communion with our worldwide Church. This cannot be done when people live in fear or when certain topics are taboo. It is tragic that many Catholics who’ve made the painful decision to leave their Church have done so because they feared their identity or belief in the dignity of LGBT people was incompatible with the Church they loved. We know that being Catholic and LGBT or allied is not a contradiction but the norm, 76% of Catholics support legal recognition for LGBT relationships, such as marriage or civil unions. Until we can talk about it openly and celebrate the lives of all people, the myth that the two identities are contradictory will continue.

Call To Action works with the Equally Blessed Coalition to amplify the voices of LGBT Catholics and their allies and to inspire Catholics to stand up and witness to the fact that their faith does not contradict their stance on LGBT rights but in fact calls them to fight for the dignity of all God’s children.

Celebrating The Whole Person
The Church is not a list of rules, the Church is the people. We work to lift up the stories of Catholics who support the rights and dignity of LGBT people. We strive to heal the wounds caused by words of the institutional Church when we stand proudly and celebrate both our support of LGBT people and the faith that motivates it. By doing so we inspire other Catholics to break the silence and celebrate the dignity, gifts and insights of LGBT people and build a more just Church and world.

We stand up and witness in many spaces, both Catholic and secular. Our work with the media ensures that the media know the reality: that the majority of U.S. Catholics support rights and inclusion for LGBT Americans. Since 2011, our pilgrims at World Youth Day talked to thousands of young Catholics about the presence of LGBT people in the Church and shared their journey with U.S. Catholics who followed online.

A Welcoming Space For All Families
Breaking the taboo of discussing LGBT issues in Catholic spaces is the first step toward creating a more welcoming community where we can all be our truest selves. We encourage our members to speak up by providing resources for Allies and LGBT Catholics and affirming the experiences and voices of family members of LGBT people. Many of our members are part of welcoming congregations and strive to more publicly support and reach LGBT catholics in their local area. We are also always learning, the speakers at our annual conference and at local chapter events inspire us to challenge our biases and truly recognize the face of God in all people.

Calling Out The Sin Of Discrimination
As Catholics, we know that discrimination is a sin and we are called to speak up for the marginalized. The institutional Church’s overt discrimination and marginalization of LGBT people is a shame and a sin. We research and shed light on anti-LGBT efforts like those by the Knights of Columbus and the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and work with the media to make sure a voice for inclusion is heard.

Sadly some discriminatory acts are much more personal. Church workers can be fired for their sexual orientation or gender expression and parishioners removed from volunteer ministry for supporting gay marriage. We work to support these individuals and their supporters in many ways. If you or someone you know has faced discrimination in a Catholic space, please contact us.
(Excerpted from http://cta-usa.org).

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Catholics and their allies are present in all parts of our Church and should be valued and celebrated as members of the colorful family of God. With our partners in the Equally Blessed coalition, we seek to educate and inspire Catholics to take action which promotes the dignity of LGBT people, their families and friends. We support efforts to create welcoming and healing spaces, amplify the pro-LGBT Catholic voice, advocate for LGBT church workers, parishioners and allies and much more.

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