Engaging the Laity
As the people of God we are all called to preach the Good News and build the Kingdom of God on Earth. We know that this means building strong communities that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Church. It also means constantly challenging ourselves and our Church to be more just and truly live the Gospel call. All of our work for justice is built on the idea that we are all responsible for building a better Church. Call To Action is committed to encouraging and supporting lay leadership and building a community of progressive Catholics.

Our Church is rich in talented, intelligent and passionate people who inspire us to create a more just Church and world. Call To Action hosts an Annual Conference, local events and national speaking tours which bring some of these inspiring individuals to you. Attendees at our conferences and events engage with theologians, authors and activists like Ada-Maria Isasi Diaz, Fr. Helmut Schuller, Joan Chittister, Shane Claibourne and many more. The conversations sparked by these experiences motivate individual Catholics to work together to create the kin-dom of God.

The Church is the people and is at its best when their diversity is celebrated. When lay people are celebrated, we all benefit from the rich tapestry of experience and gifts that the people of God have to offer. Lay people come from all walks of life, genders, ages and passions in a way that the clergy do not; it is critical that the institutional Church encourage input and leadership from the laity. Call To Action supports communities and advocates for lay leadership and engagement at all levels of Church.

We provide resources and support to lay initiatives, communities and campaigns and believe that the experiences, voices and gifts of lay people should be welcomed in all decision making and leadership structures of our Church. If you and your community are talking about advocating for more lay involvement in your faith community or have been hurt by systems of authority, contact us cta@ cta-usa.org to talk about how we can work together.

As the largest and one of the oldest groups within the Church reform movement, Call To Action is a community where lifelong friendships are formed. Rooted in Catholic identity and connected by a commitment to social justice, our local chapters and affiliates offer a space for celebrating together and supporting one another in communities that last decades and eagerly welcome newcomers.

Nationally, our community is increasingly connected by using technology. Blogs, facebook pages and national committees that meet by phone or videochat connect people from across the country and remind us that meaningful relationships are not limited by geography.

Our Annual Conference is a much anticipated event for members to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. The bonds created while sharing stories, experiences and the Eucharist during Conference continue long after the weekend. Coming back year after year we see marriages mature, children grow up and careers change and are blessed to be able to stand with one another through it all.
(Excerpted from http://cta-usa.org).
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