Call to Action is a movement working for equality and justice in the church and society. The Metro NY chapter is one of 53 local chapters and part of an independent national organization of over 25,000 people.

Our organization challenges Catholics to act for justice and to build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles. Your participation at our meetings and your donations to this movement are especially important in these perilous times. Your contributions help us to educate, inspire and activate Catholics to support changes in the Church which will have a positive and profound impact on the lives of its members.

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Sr. Mary Ann Collins
Click here to read Art McGrath's Op-Ed published in the NY Daily News. It supports the "look back window" in the Child Victims Act. Please help us help the victims.
As we prepare to meet on November 9-11 in San Antonio, it is clear that our Catholic message of inclusion, justice and love couldn’t be more needed in our church and world. This year’s theme, “Santuario, Resistencia, Sacramento (Sanctuary, Resistance, Sacrament)” finds itself in stark opposition to many of the values we see proclaimed by our leaders. When the powerful of the world preach deportation, we’re called to offer sanctuary. When the powerful preach unthinking obedience, we’re called to resistance. When the powerful preach hatred, we’re called to proclaim the sacramental power of love.

This year’s conference will have many of the things you’ve learned to love about Call To Action: inspiring worship, warm and inclusive community and a diverse and thought-provoking line-up of speakers. It will also have many new elements, including new CTA leadership, new insights brought to us by our 20/30 Young Adult Leaders, and an opportunity to more deeply engage with border and migration issues in our host location of San Antonio, Texas.

Over the years, thousands of Catholics have come to our conferences seeking sanctuary and have found homes of resistance and sacrament.

This November, we look forward to continuing that proud tradition.

We look forward to welcoming you home. For more info visit

JOIN US! Conference 2018 November 9-11 2018,  San Antonio, Texas

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend, Margaret Meehan.

Here are a few tributes from board members.

     One of my least favorite CTA Metro NY projects has been getting up for the 7.15 am train to Albany over the last few years for a 3 hour train ride, the cab ride to the statehouse and then endless walking up and down the legislative office building hallways for hours to have meetings with legislators in support of the Child Victim Act. 
     In this project, Margaret has been my inspiration and role model. Margaret never missed a trip to Albany and was always early to Penn Station for the 7.15 am train. She never complained for a minute about her knees and the obvious discomfort she must have been in. I have such clear memories of her going in and out of meetings with legislators in support of the Child Victim Act. She was a vigorous supporter of justice for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  
     Margaret hosted many of the monthly 12 member board of director meetings in her living room. She provided such a warm welcome to the board and generously provided wine and cheese after the board meeting.      It is hard to describe what a loss Margaret will be to the CTA Chapter projects, mission and leadership team. On a personal level, I am so sad about her passing. I will miss Margaret on that 7.15am train to Albany and hope that next year we will be able to toast her when the Governor signs the Child Victim Act. 

Rest in peace Margaret.
Art McGrath

     Margaret Meehan was a very gracious and thoughtful woman. When I arrived at her place in Cooper Village for CTA meetings, she always personally welcomed me at the door and insisted on hanging up my coat, despite my protests. Her service of wine and cheese at the end of every meeting was very special and helped greatly to develop a sense of community and friendship among the CTA members.
     She and I worked in the New York City schools and we spoke on a number of occasions about the huge commitment needed to serve the students in the high schools where we taught. We were both strong supporters of the teachers' union, the UFT.
     Her contributions at CTA meetings showed real intelligence and a heartfelt belief that the Catholic Church had to move away from clericalism and legalism to the open spirit of the Second Vatican Council.
      Margaret, a wonderful lady, will be deeply missed by her family and parish and is a big loss to CTA.

May she rest in peace.
Gerry O'Shea

Conference 2018
November 9-11 2018, 
San Antonio, Texas